• We make an effort to take place in furniture exhibitions, especially export-oriented ones, such as IMOB, ISMOB and MODEF Expo Exhbitions to offer our products to our valued customers.

  • The objects that we see in almost every single part of our lives, add beauty everything we have seen and liked whether we notice or not, fulfil our needs and let us differentiate from others… We are aware of the fact that the most important detail of furniture is accessories.

  • Furniture in the irresistible charm of our 50th anniversary of the wood blends aesthetics and quality to offer to you our greatest happiness will be.

With our Tv and unit range, we offer not only storage spaces for your belongings that you may want to keep handy, but also showcases for your valuables that you would like to display to your guests.

With our table collection, we are taking part in your happy breakfasts, lunches, dinners and delicious snacks with our aesthetic and qualified production. Tables are the meeting places of families and friends. They are the areas where you evaluate and interpret today and the future. Our biggest goal is to provide functionality to your homes along with quality during your cheerful meetings.

We are producing coffee tables and service tables by combining modern designing ideas with the functional details through using first-class materials.

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